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the goal of Marrakech desert tours is, clearly, to satisfy the needs and aspirations of the independant traveler, small groups, families…etc and to help them have a wonderful time in Morocco, discover the mixed aromas in the labyrinths of the ocher city of Marrakech along with landscaps surrounding the city. Meet the people and get to know them and their milenarian culture of hospitality that sometimes surprises our fellow travelers. we offer tours and Excursions starting from Marrakech, sightseing and historical visits with local guides, tours to the Moroccan desert, transfers from and to the airport of Marrakech. Traveling is wondeful experience, and almost everything is new, the people, the conversations, the smells, the sounds, the landscapes are totaly different from what we are familiar with


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As we know ,Morocco is a large country with a varied landscape from its imperial cities, mountains of the Rif and the Atlas Mountains, forests, its seas to its magical desert, therefore we accept their proposals to make a tour Marrakech to desert, Excursions from Marrakech was the alredeores or other attractions in the country. Can you tell us the places of interest that matter to them see and discover to prepare and advise a proper path which will leave satisfied, surprised and eager to return once again to this wonderful country and discover other corners. We have vehicles 4×4 all-terrain with air conditioning which is the appropriate means of transport to make a circuit by the desert from Marrakech. Today, the traveller is demanding and looking for a comfortable ride and with reasonable budgets and this is the goal of our company of tourism, thanks to the extensive experience that has our team.

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